Arturo L. Servin

Technical Project Manager | Google

Arturo L. Servin Niembro currently works in Google Inc. as Peering and Content Distribution manager. Previously joining Google he was Chief Technology Officer at the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (Lacnic). Arturo also has worked as a research engineer, consultant and network manager at various organizations the UK and Mexico. He received his PhD from the Department of Computer Science at the University of York, where his research focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and network security. In addition, he holds a Masters degree in Telecom Management and a B.S. in Electronic Systems Engineering, both from ITESM Campus Monterrey, Mexico. Arturo has worked on multiple innovation projects, including the development of Internet-2 in Mexico, where he served as Chairman of the Network Development Committee and Coordinator of the working group on IP-Multicast.

14.30 - 16.00 PM Conference

Friday 28th of Oct

Technical session2

  • Presentation 1: Internet problems for customers and ISPs Byambadorj (Mobinet)
  • Presentation 2: Observations on Mozi botnet - Anutsetsen(Khas Bank) & Adli Wahid(APNIC)
  • Presentation 3: BGP routing security overview and status for AS15169 - Arturo Servin (Google)
  • Presentation 4: RPKI deployment experience at IIJ - Yoshinobu Matsuzaki (IIJ)