Byambajargal Jamsran

System Engineer at Shunkhlai Group

Byambajargal is an System Engineer at Shunkhlai Group. He is an IP network engineer with 3 years of experience. During in this years he has been working on designing, implementing and maintaining on IP network. He is currently working on a Data Center project for Shunkhlai Group. He is also a member of the mnNOG organizing team.

11.30 - 13.00 AM Conference

Friday 28th of Oct

Technical session1

  • Presentation 1: Enabled ipv4/ipv6 dual stack infrastructure - Ulsbold Enkhtaivan (Mobicom)
  • Presentation 2: IPv6 Deployment in 2022 - Guangliang Pan (APNIC)
  • Presentation 3: SDN Controller integration to Virtualization Manager
  • Presentation 4: The challenges of the Edu transformation