Manlaibaatar Tserenkhuu

Teacher | School of Information and Communication Technology
Байгууллага: ШУТИС, Мэдээлэл, Холбооны Технологийн сургууль (School of Information and Communication Technology)
Салбар: Мэдээллийн сүлжээ, аюулгүй байдал (Department of Information Network and Secuirity )
Албан тушаал: Багш
09:00 - 17.30 Workshop

Sunday to Thursday 23-27th of Oct

Campus Network Design and Operations

This is a technical workshop, made up of lecture and hands-on lab work to teach the skills needed to design, build, operate and manage any organisational network infrastructure according to current best practices.

Participants in this course will learn about:


  • Core organisational infrastructure design best practices
    • Network design principles
    • Physical infrastructure (cabling and cabling installation)
    • Fibre optics
    • Switching (spanning tree, VLANs, L2 best practices)
    • Routing (static routing, IS-IS, and BGP)
    • IPv4, IPv6 and deploying dual stack infrastructure
    • Choosing routers and switches
  • Campus security implementation and best practices
    • Acceptable use policies
    • Monitoring
    • Firewall placement

These skills will in turn drive an increase in organisational network performance, security and reliability. In turn this will improve the day to day Internet experience of end users.

Workshop agenda: