Yoshinobu Matsuzaki

Senior Engineer | Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

Yoshinobu Matsuzaki is a Senior Engineer at Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ/AS2497), a pioneering commercial ISP in Japan. He has decades of network operation experience with the IIJ backbone network team. His areas of expertise include network design, network operation, network security, and DNS. He has given numerous talks at JANOG, bdNOG, RIPE, and APNIC meetings, as well as other workshops.

14.30 - 16.00 PM Conference

Friday 28th of Oct

Technical session2

  • Presentation 1: Internet problems for customers and ISPs Byambadorj (Mobinet)
  • Presentation 2: Observations on Mozi botnet - Anutsetsen(Khas Bank) & Adli Wahid(APNIC)
  • Presentation 3: BGP routing security overview and status for AS15169 - Arturo Servin (Google)
  • Presentation 4: RPKI deployment experience at IIJ - Yoshinobu Matsuzaki (IIJ)