Instructor: Philip Smith

Workshop Goals

This five-day workshop teaches the skills required for the configuration
of scalable and secure routing, as well as best practice operation of
the networks making up today’s Internet.

Target Audience

Technical staff who are now building or operating their own autonomous
wide area network with international and/or multi-provider connectivity.


It is assumed that the workshop participants are proficient with a
router command line interface, have a good understanding of OSPF or
IS-IS, as well as experience with using BGP in an operational network.
This workshop is not an introduction.
The lab exercises use Cisco IOS configuration syntax.
Participants are required to bring their own laptops –
(Windows/Linux/macOS) with wireless

Class size

The workshop can accommodate up to 30 participants

Workshop topics

  • IS-IS design and best practices for Service Provider networks
  • BGP protocol, attributes and policy
  • BGP scalability (including Route Reflectors and Communities)
  • BGP Best Practices, including Aggregation
  • BGP multihoming techniques (redundancy and load balancing)
  • BGP Communities as used by Network Operators
  • Peering Best Practices
  • BGP Security Operations Best Practices
  • Remote Trigger Black Hole Filtering
  • Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding
  • Route Origin Authorisation and Validation
  • Troubleshooting BGP & Related Tools