Why NOG?

Internet usage in Mongolia is growing rapidly and there are many operational and technical challenges in network design, reliability, scalability, and security that require collaborative attention from network operators.

Having a NOG will allow local community members to share their experiences and challenges. Moreover, mnNOG will bring opportunities to learn new skills and develop knowledge on emerging Internet technologies in Mongolia,without having to travel far — and at great expense — on a regular basis.

Most importantly, speaking in Mongolian will allow locals to participate more actively and contribute to community development.

What is mnNOG?

mnNOG is a non-profit, community-based initiative. It has been formed to organize and held communication forums for network engineers and technical specialists in Mongolia to discuss various topics related to network, security and other Internet technologies, and also to increase development and collaboration opportunities. mnNOG invites highly experienced Mongolian and international specialists to share their knowledge and develop skills of local engineers. We believe that mnNOG events will bring to participants opportunities to peer with other network operators, content providers and partners.

  Important Links

  mnNOG 6 : 2024.nog.mn

mnNOG-6 will be held in Redrock Resort or Novotel ,from 30 September to 4 October 2024. Workshops will take place from 30 September to 3 September followed by the conference on 4 October 2024.
We will update our venue soon. Please hold on.

  NOGs in the Asia Pacific Region

There are several Network Operator Groups (NOGs) in the Asia Pacific region. As the operators serving each economy realize the value of collaboration and cooperation within their communities, the numbers of NOGs are growing every year. For example, NOGs in Australia, Japan, and Singapore have been operating for over 10 years on average. These groups support the development of the industry by enhancing the skills of their experts.

  Previous mnNOGs

  • MNNOG-5: February 2023,Ulaanbaatar Hotel
  • MNNOG-4: October 2022, Redrock Resort
  • MNNOG-3: October 2021, Hybrid Version - IT Park (Zoom Live)
  • MNNOG-2: October 2020, Online Version (Zoom Live)
  • MNNOG-1: September 2019, Novotel

  Enquiries and Sponsorship

  • If you wish to get in touch with us, kindly send an email to our Information email address at info [at] nog.mn.
  • If you would like to receive updates about mnNOG events, please subscribe to our information mailing list by sending an email to mnnog(at)nog(dot)mn.
  • If you want to know more about the mnNOG conference, partner with us to host an mnNOG conference or sponsor one, please send an email to our information email at info@nog.mn.

  mnNOG Fellowship Program

The mnNOG scholarship program is announced every year to support students studying communication and information technology and professionals working in rural areas.
Exemption from:
- Registration fee

- Workshop fee
- Social Dinner

For more information about the Fellowship program and about how to apply, please visit the current year mnNOG website.

  mnNOG's Privacy Statement

The mnNOG values the privacy of all delegates and is fully committed to safeguarding the personal information they provide. This privacy statement outlines how the mnNOG collects, uses, and secures delegate personal information.

The mnNOG collects personal information in order to organize and manage its conference and training events.