mnNOG Organisational Structure

mnNOG Organisational Structure

The mnNOG conference takes place once a year, and it is made possible thanks to the hard work of many volunteers and local engineers. They collaborate to ensure the event runs smoothly and that it continues year after year. To achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness, the volunteers have been divided into groups, each with specific responsibilities and functions.

mnNOG Coordination Committee

The Coordination Committee of mnNOG, also known as COORD-TEAM, is responsible for the smooth functioning and organization of the mnNOG conference on a daily basis. They work closely with local partners and event suppliers to ensure that all aspects of the conference are progressing smoothly. They also offer advice on mnNOG best practices and assist in fine-tuning the programme and venue needs.

The mnNOG Coordination Team is comprised of members from the Mongolian Internet community. They have volunteered their time and energy to ensure ongoing success of the mnNOG conference.

The Chair of the mnNOG is Ankhzaya Tseden

mnNOG Programme Committee

The Programme Committee (or PC-TEAM) is a group of approximately 15 volunteers who are interested in the operational Internet in Mongolia. They are responsible for creating the mnNOG programme every year, and devote their time and energy to ensuring the integrity and consistency of mnNOG's operational and technology focus.

The PC customizes the programme of each mnNOG conference to suit the needs of the venue and classroom it is hosted in. They are responsible for constructing the tutorial and conference.

In preparation for mnNOG around September, the PC Chairs issue a call to the community, usually local engineers and the mnnog mailing lists, for volunteers to serve on the PC. The PC Chairs then select which volunteers will form the PC. Following the PC's first meeting, the call for presentation for mnNOG is usually issued in late October, and the PC meets monthly (and more frequently) until the start of mnNOG in early September.

There is little requirement in-order to join PC-TEAM:

- Maximum 2 people from one organization in the PC team. (Diversity, balance the PC Team)

- PC members must have medium-level seniors with solid technical experience or over 5 to 6 years of

good operational role experience to review and debate papers.

- PC members be willing to work hard to get good speakers/papers.

The Chair of the PC is Gonchig Altansukh.

To contact the PC Chair, please write to info (at) nog (dot) mn.

Technical support in the venue

The entire team of mnNOG is responsible for providing the network infrastructure for the mnNOG conference. Starting in August before the conference, the team meets with the Internet infrastructure providers and equipment suppliers to design and provision the network for mnNOG.

Most of the operational work takes place in the weeks leading up to mnNOG, as well as on-site just before and during the conference. The mnNOG team works with local industry volunteers to operate the network and provide technical support for the conference attendees.

mnNOG Fellowship

MNNOG offers a fellowship program that provides free participation in all activities to support students studying communication and information technology, as well as professionals working in rural areas. Each year, mnNOG provides free registration for conference and workshop to around 3 to 6 attendees. The Fellowship Committee (FC) is composed of volunteers who are mnNOG members. The committee works with the chair to determine which of the applications for attendance support are to be approved.

Joining the mnNOG Volunteers

- Coord team members can be anyone who loves event management, loves human networking,

work with others, engineers, seniors, or managers doesn't matter.

- New member must work in the coordination team for one years after that he/she will be in the

queue to elect the PC team.